Best Email Software for Digital Nomads

Best Email Software for Digital Nomads

Nowadays, people like to be on the move instead of being constrained in an office space. They prefer working remote and travelling to new places. These people are referred to as digital nomads. However, life of nomad isn’t as simple as it may sound. One has to be sure that they have all the basic necessities. For example an active internet connection, charging ports and all the required gadgets. In addition to gadgets, digital nomads need to stay connected with the world. For tthat they require different software’s including email software’s. 

When it comes to applications and software’s, one cannot go with average options. Being in the nomad business you are on the move and need something reliable. Here is a list of the best email software for digital nomads of all categories. You might be an artist or a content writer or into any other business, these software’s will serve you according to your expectations.   


One of the best software’s that can manage all your mail and keep your inbox clean is ActiveInbox. With this software, you can use Gmail as a task manager. The system will keep on clearing or deleting unimportant mails and highlight the important ones. That way you never forget something essential. 

For example, you might get spam mails and work mails at the same time. The software will remove the spam mails and put all your work mails on top. That way there won’t be a clutter and you won’t have to search for anything.  The best part, everything is managed from within Gmail. 

The system even turns important mails into tasks with due dates. That way, you won’t forget anything. Even if a matter slips out of your mind, the software will remind you with an alert. People often think that such software’s remove necessary mails along with unnecessary ones, but not with ActiveInbox. The system efficiently filters out only the useless emails. 

The best features of the software are:

  • Builds a strong relation by being in complete control over your mails
  • Filters emails without discarding anything important 
  • Ideal for people whose work is driven from mail 
  • Simple and easy to use 


When one tries to find an email software for personal use, they look at its price, power and simplicity. Every individual wants a system that they can manage with ease. Well, with Moosend, you get everything at one place. Yes, Moosend, is simple, powerful and comes at a great price. From ecommerce people to bloggers and digital nomads doing remote work in different countries, anyone can use the system to manage their emails. 

Being in a different country has its perks but back draws as well. For example, you are on the move and might miss out on important work email. Well, Moosend won’t let that happen. It will keep your mails sorted. You won’t have to search for anything when all your important mails are in front of you. 

With Moosend you get:

  • Excellent value for money 
  • Generous 30 day trial 
  • Ability to manage mails 
  • Assistance in email marketing campaigns
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Ready-made templates for emails


For any kind of business, campaigner is an ideal email software. The system uses email marketing to expand the target audience for a business. In simpler words, the software connected loyal customers with a business. Even though several tools exist in the market, but there is no one like Campaigner. The seamless integrations and quality features are worth spending on. 

Nowadays, there is a massive need to reach target market through every possible man. By using emails, one can reach the right audience in no time. In this entire scenario, campaigner offers adequate services to achieve all your goals. 

The system gives provides customizable features such as email automation, report generation, and experimentation. You can come up with foolproof emails that catches audience attention at once. 

Thanks to Campaigner, people can:

  • Have automated workflows
  • Get customizable features 
  • Embed social media feeds of your company directly into emails

Constant Contact

We all know that the life of a digital nomad is challenging. You won’t always find everything perfect at one place. There will be several problems like connectivity failure and lack of privacy but one thing that can make your life better is a powerful email software. 

Constant Contact has been in the game for a long time. It’s one of the most used email tools worldwide and provides a number of features. One of their prominent feature is their high deliverability rate and that they can sell digital products. If you run a virtual store, Constant Contact is just what you need. 

The system provides its users with 

  • Ease of use
  • Personalized emails 
  • Flexile and manageable template designs 
  • List management 
  • Checking features for errors in emails

Virtual Mailbox Services

If you want to scan and sort all your incoming emails, Virtual Mailbox Services has got you covered. The tool will handle all your mails and provide you with digital copies of everything. No matter from where you work or which device you have, you can access your mail 24/7. 

Not only access, but the system also shreds all waste or unnecessary mails. That keeps your inbox clear and managed. Once you have the software, you can forget about storage and management issues. Virtual Mailbox Services does it all. Your mails will be stored safely on a cloud. So, it is correct to say that the system is an all-in-one solution. Having it makes lives easier. 

Virtual Mailbox Services provide:

  • Easy management of all your emails 
  • Storage options for your emails 
  • Discards unnecessary or spam mails 
  • Access on every device 
  • Protection and security 

Tips for Managing Your Mail as a Digital Nomad

Managing mail is crucial for every digital nomad. Since you are travelling most of the time, you need some application to manage all your emails. These applications prove to be helpful in every way. You won’t have to de-clutter your accounts or manage anything. They manage it for you. From cleaning your inbox to creating reminders about due dates, these software’s do it all. So before initiating your journey keep these options in mind. Select one of them and make your live less problematic. You can enjoy you nomadic ways while these systems manage your mails.  



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